Healthy excrement, unhealthy excrement

( Defecating is a step to your healthy life.  )

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01 list of excrement

shape・color yellow goldish brown dark brown
コロコロ状 ……… ……… 便秘の森 便秘の森
stiffy 便秘の森 便秘の森 便秘の森 便秘の森
banana type 便秘の森 便秘の森 便秘の森 便秘の森
soft 便秘の森 便秘の森 便秘の森 便秘の森
waterly 便秘の森 便秘の森 便秘の森 便秘の森

Good Bad

02 color of excrement

The color is decided by bile

( What’s bile? )

Bile is made by liver and temporary stored in gallbladder. Then carried to duodenum. Bile it self is green and there is a substance which finally colors the excrement.

That substance changes its color by amount of acid. (acid/alkaline)
If it’s acid, it turns yellow. If it’s alkaline, it turns dark brown.

If there are a lot of good natured germs such as lactic acid, the inside of intestine is kept in acid therefore the excrement will be yellow colored.

On the other hand, if there are harmful germs, the inside of intestine is alkaline. Therefore the excrement will be blackish.

The keeper always had blackish. Is that mean there were a lot of harmful germs?

03 Smell

Excrement, it’s a smelly thing! However, there are so many types of smells.

Excrement’s smell is made by carcinogenicity substance and toxic substances. It’s influencing on your health! These substances have sharp smells therefore excrement and gas can get really smelly.

In good natured intestine, they have less toxic substances therefore excrement and gas will be fermental smell.

The keeper’s gas was smelly so I couldn’t do it in front of people.

04 Shape

The shape of excrement will be changed by the amount of water that the excrement has.

If 70-80% of water is contained, it will be banana type. If there are more water, it will be Half soft. If there are more than 90% of water, it will be watery and need to go to toilet frequently.

On the other hand, if there are less than 60%, the excrement will be stiff

Excrement moves10cm per hour. If this speed gets slower, the water inside is too much absorbed and it can get stiff therefore it is hard to defecate.

This is called constipation.

05 summary

I see. You get to know about your condition of your body from the shape, color and smell of excrement. For example, there are a lot of good natured germs or harmful germs is increasing…

The keeper was suffering from it for 20 years but now it all make sense.

You can’t ignore the disease that is caused by constipation….

便秘の森 便秘と病気の関係

I want you to be happy like the keeper was relieved from constipation and feel good by taking supplement.

If you are interested about the supplement that the keeper is using, why not visit the following content.

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You can also try intestine washing like the keeper was often trying! Especially for those who are constipated. As they have harmful germs a lot, so why not try it once a month.

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