We went to Nepal       2007.8.10-16


Do you know where Nepal is? It’s pretty small country.

Situated between China in the north and India in the South. Pink place in this map.


On the 1st day, we stayed at Bangkok in Thai since there is no direct flight from Naria.

Vegetable and fruit carving are gorgeous!

Bangkok became modern city so we didn’t feel the differences so much.



Akira bought a tiny statue of elephant.

It was around $30 !!! Can you believe that ? The brand seems very famous but it was very expensive.

The prices in Bangkok was still low and we were very happy to have 2-hours massage by only $10.



Next morning, we flied to Kathmandu the capital city in Nepal. The first impression of Nepal was very local and simple. Most of roads are bumpy even they are paved with asphalt.

We went to Bhaktapur , literally the “ City of Devotees” . There are many temples and look like Kyoto in Japan.



“Patan” is a picture which is drawn of Buddha’s life.



Then we went to Nagarkot where it’s altitude 2175m and you can see the majestic panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges from Dhaulagiri in the went to the Everest in the east.

But…….it was clouded so…we couldn’t ….but I think this scenery is beautiful enough and cool !!



The cottage which we stayed was nice location and we heard the owner was Japanese.

So I ordered “Udon noodle” and Akira ate Nepalese dishes. I should have ordered Nepalese one^^;….

In Nepal, we had blackout sometime but it wasn’t accident but it was planed.

They don’t have enough electric power so to save on electricity, they know when is blackout and what time like garbage calendar in Japan. So most of Nepalese don’t have refrigerators and other electrical appliances and they don’t have water supply so there are many places to get water.


Unfortunately, the next day was also rain so we couldn’t see Himalayan ranges…

The local area was beautiful with green rice fields.



Domestic airport was old and I was surprised when I went to the washroom. There was no walls^^.

It took only 30 minutes from kathmandu to Pokhara.

Airport of Pokhara was older than kathmandu.



We went to an old town for sightseeing . The atmosphere was good. I like those old than modern town.

The lodge where we stayed was nice with flowers.



Pokhara is famous place for trekking in Nepal. Many climbers visit through the year. Of course, it’s better to visit in the dry season.   August is still rain season so we didn’t so many climbers this time.

Next morning we went to Sarangkot , the hill where you can see Dhaukagiri and Annapurna Himalayan range if the weather was good….but we couldn’t see those ranges again…..



I bought a poster ….wow how great if we could see the scenery like this !!

On the other hand we could enjoy seeing beautiful flowers in the rainy season though^^;.



There is a temple near lake phewa

Nepalese ladies are beautiful in their national clothes. It’s called sari and kuruta.

Nepalese are not rich but I felt they enjoy their lives and very calm.



Pokhara is a resort place and many tourists come. So there are various restaurants.

We ate local food, Korean barbecue.


I had wash my hair in a beauty salon in a hotel since I couldn’t find any salons with air conditioner around Lake phewa. Shampoo and dry cost me $7. It isn’t expensive compare to the price of Japan

but I get accustomed to the price of China so I felt it was very high price.



We flew back to Kathmandu and visited the other old town “ Patan”. The town was also nice.

We ate sandwiches with enjoying like old structure.

Swayambhu has 4 eyes to see all over the worlds.


We went to a local market and walked from Durbar Square to Thaml area.

Thamel area is popular with backpackers.



We couldn’t see mountains but enjoyed in Nepal. We thought Nepal is very safe country but we happed to meet a strike when we headed for International airport. The strike was held by students with Maoism. They seem to do strike like blockade all main streets. So we had to escape main roads and asked a few times showing our plane tickets. We were lucky since we had guide with driver but

 if we went to Nepal without guide, it was hard to take a taxi in such occasion.


I bought Nepal tea and spice for souvenir.

Next time…I love to see Himalayan range!!

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