Guilin in China




 My husband and I went to Guilin for a few days earlier this May. Guilin is located in the south-west of Japan.

It takes about 4-5 hours to get there by plane from Narita Airport. We arrived in Guilin at 11pm but the town

center was still busy and alive. We enjoyed walking around and eating until midnight! 




 We joined a one day tour the next day. A bus came to our hotel to pick us up in the morning.

From the bus , we saw a very small MacDonald stand. I don’t know how can they cook in such a small

booth, but it was cute and interesting though. There were also many shops selling “dumplings” and they

were very cheap. Two dumplings were only 1 yen ( 15 cents ). 




 The river cruise was fantastic. Most of the big cities including Guilin have been changed into modern cities

recently but the scenery from the boat hasn’t changed at all. 




They were many overseas tourists.                      Lunch service was provided on the boat.



We arrived at Yang Shuo. This town is surrounded by mountains and it’s popular among young western back packers since the hotels here are reasonably priced.





At the bus terminal in Yang Shou, I saw a bus with sleeping beds on it. The bus travels to distant cities so

I think it’s a good idea to have a bed, even a simple one.



 The scenery is Guilin City shot from a small mountain. I wore a Daisuke Matsuzaka T-shirt which my friend in Boston gave me.  



The local bus was clean and looked pretty new. When we went to Beijing 18 years ago I felt all the buses were very old . Of course some of the cities or small towns are still using old buses. 



Going to a beauty salon makes us relaxed. We asked to have our hair shampooed and dried but there was also a free, short massage service included in the shampoo in China.

 It only cost us 8-15 yen ( $1-2) and the price depended on the quality of the shampoo used. After that we were able to rest and felt refreshed ! 



This department store is called “Nikoniko” , which means “smiling”. We also have Nikoniko department stores in Japan. 



The department store had a food court with a very good ordering system. After we were seated, we got a numbered card. We just need to ask for the food we wanted from the small shops. We don’t need to wait for the food to be prepared and the staff brings them to our table. We can’t read or speak Chinese, so this system helped us eat what we wanted to eat !!  Many dishes were around $1 each. 



At night, the buildings and parks were lit up.



 We love going for massages since the price was very reasonable. One hour of body massage only costs about $5-6. The Guiling scenery is used for 20 yen Chinese note.





 Long Sheng


Log Sheng takes about 2 hours by bus from Guilin. You can see terrace field there. After we climbed for 1 hour, a splendid view unfolded before our eyes.




Bamboo rice was delicious.



If you don’t  have enough energy to climb the hill, you can hire a bamboo sedan chair ride.

Yan is one of the minority groups. The females have longhair because they don’t cut their hair after they’ve reached 18 years of age.



There is a small village under the hill. 



 A child is always the cutest thing in the world.



An effective advertisement board !                               Chinese eats dogs…….



You can learn the differences of tea leaves in a kind of souvenir shop. If you are not interested in tea, you should escape ASAP !                                            There was a nice restaurant on the pond. 



                  We were luck to see a beautiful sunset in Guilin!!



 We stayed at one night at 5 stars hotel near air port but I found the wrong Japanese at some places!



I bought these things: 2 silk pajamas with red flowers for Mother’s day.

My husband loves to collect Mao goods. This time he bought a watch with a sky background.


The trip was very short but we were able to visit great places. Whenever we go to China, we always have  many experiences. Some of the experiences were scary but we always come back safely so far. I hoe we’ll be able to visit other cites which we haven’t been to !!


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