Busan in Korea




We went to Busan in Korea.

(Left)Before we left  we borrowed many  books from library and got  information

(Right) There were many brochure at International  Airport but not so useful…



We took a limousine bus to Busan station. It  cost  us about  $4.

The seats look like  business class seat  of  air plane 



 We stayed  at  “Arirang Turist Hotel”

We’d never stayed ONDORU room.

Ondoru means Korean floor heater.

It  wasn’t  cold  weather  but  I love the room

Since we put on anything on the flower the same as Japanese Tatami  floor.


There was PC in the room and  it  was free of charge though I couldn’t  type Japanese so  I didn’t  use  it.


I booked this room through Internet in Japan. The room rate was $28/ per night.

The hotel  is  pretty old but  location is good so it’s  worth staying!


In front of Busan Staition, there  was  lighting-up tower. Busan station is huge and modern building.




We arrived at the hotel around 10PM and then we ate Korean food at 24 hours small restaurant near station.  The meal was good and we paid only $6.




 Next day, it’s good weather!

These two photos are the view from 3rd floor  of  the  hotel that  we stayed  for  3nights. 




We took a train “ Mugunghwa” to go Gyeonjgu city. We can’t read any Hangul(the Korean alphabet) but it was easy to buy tickets.



Until the train departure time, we walked around markets near  station.

(Left) Korean carrot

(Right) red pepper





The scenery between Busan & Gyeongju is similar to Japan.

I felt Korea is the nearest country from Japan !


(Left) Gyeongju station

(Right) I don’t know the name of tree but it’s beautiful with white flowers!!  



The city is famous for world heritages. There were many ancient tombs .



We  ate “ Sumpub”

One of the Korean meal and wrap rice and many dishes with vegetable leaf.

It cost us about $14.



We walked around old houses district. Can you see “KIMUCHI” pots ? 



We took highway bus to Busan.  Bus is much faster than train but we love train trip!


After we came back to Busan-city, we went to  a hot  spring area. Busan has some hot  spring area

And everybody enjoys taking a hot spring as a day trip.


We didn’t know how to use hot  spring  in  Korea. In Japan, most of hot spring centers don’t allow to wear bathing suit.  We  learned Korea was as same as Japan!  I thought other  countries people  wear  bathing suit  since even Taiwanese wear it and  also  when I went to hot spring with my Korean friend   she  didn’t take  a bath with me since she was so shy to take a bus without any close^^;..  


We love old style hot spring though this hot spring stayed  in this modern building and look like spa center.


You don’t need to bring anything. There are free rental towel and soap.

There are no time remit so you can relax to stay as much as you want.

It cost you $7 a day.


The difference between Japanese way to Korean way is when people walk around bath room , Korean don’t  have towel. Japanese walk while we hide our (that)part of body!  





We ate “Samugetan(chicken in a soup)” and

Rice porridge with abalone.


The restaurant is famous for Japanese so there was  menu in Japanese.

Samugetan was delicious !


Both dishes were  $8.    








Busan Tower



From the observatory

We wanted to visit at night!!


Jagalchi fish market



You can buy fresh fish here and eat it at the 2nd floor




We enjoyed “YAKINIKU(grilled meat) !


We paid only $10 for 2 people^^





The restaurant is famous for Japanese so there was

Japanese menu !


Korean people enjoy street food shop.





This snack is called” Hottoku”


It looks like mixed hotcake and rice cake,





This is one of famous cosmetic shops. It’s popular among young ladies.



I bought some items and got free stuffed cat with recording function.



We took night bus tour. It cost us only $8 .

The seat has TV and you can listen tour guide is Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English!


Night view from the tour bus was great but we couldn’t stop the place where we can see illuminated bridge.

There was no place to stop so it can’t be helped.

Last dinner was great!  We enjoyed eating rice porridge with boiled pork. We paid $10 for 2 people.


There was no Japanese signboard so little bit hard to find out. We should learn Korean alphabet next time!



We walked and walked in these days and ate and ate too!

The money we left, we spent at Seven-Eleven in the International Airport.!!


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