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Scientists Forum of 2003 World Conference Against A & H Bombs
For the Future of Human Beings Without Nuclear Weapons and Wars

August 2, 2003
Nagoya, JAPAN


 9:30    Open

            General Chair:    Kaoru Hoshino (Chief Secretary of the executive committee)
10:00    Opening talk:    Taketomo Mitsui (Chair of the executive committee)
            Welcome address:    Kanenori Suwa (Ex-president of Nihon Fukushi University)

10:20    Unilateral Use of Force by Great Powers and Its Influence on the World Order
            Yoshiro Matsui (Nagoya University)
11:20    Factors in the development of the anti-war movement: unity, diversity and international cooperation
            K. Hudson (South Bank University & Vice Chair of CND)

12:20-13:20    lunch break

13:20 panel discussion (15min. x 4)
            Emergency Laws in Japan:    Takeshi Kobayashi (Nanzan University)
            Islam and Peace in the Middle East:    Norio Suzuki (Aichi University)
            The New Nuclear Policy of the Bush Administration:    Ei-ichi Sugie (past Chukyo University)
            "New Imperial World Order" and War on Iraq:    Akira Kimura (Kagoshima University)
14:20    general discussion

15:20-15:30    tea break

15:30    special reports
            Witness of A-bomb Survivor:    Akira Kai (an early entrant into Hiroshima)
                Comment:    Shoji Sawada (past Nagoya University)
            Bombed trees in Hiroshima:    Fumi Murata (Kyoto University)
16:00    report from Okinawa:    Kazunori Kameyama (University of the Ryukyus)
16:20    summary and close address:    Morihisa Hamada (Vice-Chief Secretary of the executive committee)