Low-Band Kite Antenna

and Kite Images


Below are images of simple antenna systems elevated by use of a kite.  With limited space in the area I live, trying to operate on the low-bands of HF can be quite difficult.  After reading up on various options, I found that using a kite to elevate a simple wire antenna was the the most effective in my case.  The most difficult task was to find a open area which would allow me to construct such wire antennas. 

My first chore was to build a portable wire system which would not take up space, and also be cost effective.  The gear which I used to accomplish this task was what I had on-hand.  The only thing which I purchased was the stainless steal wire used for the element.  I copied a system which is successfully being used by N9ZRT, and made it smaller for my own use.

Top Band Long Wire, and 1/4 Wave Ground Plane

Static Discharge System

Kite Images

Kite Images 2

Modified Cody Pro

50cm Cell Cody 

Pilot 75 (Sky Anchor)


wind gauge.jpg (229221 bytes) Wind Gauge




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